Welcome to Jasmine Scarpine, my jasmine scented garden of high heel shoes! Just kidding...

Well, no, you won’t be spammed with pictures of shoes surrounded by flowers. There will be a lot of shoes, because I am absolutely in love with them. So, you’ll see them as part of many, many outfits and in a more artistic way… Let’s say I have this cousin, Mafalda, who’s so passionate about shoes she decided to make a living out of them. She’s studying Footwear Design in London and will present us with her artistic shoes every time she has a chance (take a look at Mafalda’s Scarpin to keep up with her beautiful shoe designs!).

Shoes aside, Jasmine Scarpine is the little happy place where the fashion stylist in me can do whatever she wants with clothes and all the fashionable attire the usually come with.

Everytime I can arrange for that, a new editorial will be published (see Editorials not to miss a thing!). From there, I’ll tell you about what inspired me to style the featured outfits ( see Inspiration), give you some insight on the latest fashion trends (see Trends & Tips) and I’ll also do my best to bring you some tutorials or beauty ideas, mostly related to the hair and make up I’m wearing on each editorial (see Tutorials).

Oh boy! I’ve just realized I haven’t introduced myself properly! Please, forgive me :) My name is Débora, I live in the north of Portugal and I’ve just graduated in Fashion Design and I'm about to futher my fashion education with a greeat Styling course. Right now, I want to experience everythyng the world of fashion has to offer and travel the world. I’m not a shortcut kind of girl, so don't expect me to go straight ahead through life's highway when I can explore the beauty hidden in each curve of the way.

The proof? Three years in Medicine School to be sure I needed fashion in my world as my body craves oxygen to live.

Hope you have a good time visiting Jasmine Scarpine!

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